Thursday, October 29, 2015

Out of sorts with being in sync

I'm looking to simplify but not dumb this down. Crystallizing the flow of light and tones of sound. Into something we can move forward with. More tangible than than the tics we've developed. And more sensible than a rapid response. An instant aggrandizement of a position. Positioned on the edge of blurring fields. On the slope of crumbling ground.

Some burgeoning fantasy quest develops. Across toasted slopes and through spring flowing shade. Into murky dusk and down into night fire. On through the pricked points of thousands. Simultaneously broadcasting code onto the path. Laid out with a mirage of muddied water. Littered with signage marking confusion away from established boundaries. Into the just pattern.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Awake to mourn the passing of your future perception

Deep within a core of rotten wire. Tied in hundreds of little knots. A dynamic torture tension. Like puppet strings from within. Forced pleasantries within the line. To the edges of a panic room. Scaling around a giant centerpiece hole. To a jimmied up window board.

Awake before the alarm. Greets the day like a mourning song. Morning's mounting heaps. The death and despair and uncertainty. Blurring perception of the moment. And mirroring the acid eating away. The guts' core lining and structure. Or the labyrinth in your ear.

Mission Statement on Love & Marriage

Love is the intimate understanding, acceptance of, and commitment to ourselves and/or to another person. We're born into the love of our family, and through that love we learn to love ourselves, transferring on to the important people who may cross into our lives over our lifetime- close friends, romantic partners, and subsequently our children and our children's children. Being in love, is love's expression and intensification due to the physical and mental intimacy that results from two persons' initial attraction and subsequent growth together. 

Marriage is a partnership between two people, built upon a foundation of deep love, where the partners define themselves through the marriage as well as individually, and structure their lives according to a shared vision. The partnership creates a "family," with or without children, and its success is dependent upon both partners understanding, accepting, and successfully negotiating its cyclical nature, never letting it veer onto the path of becoming linear.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Not Easily Resolved

You packed for me a token of misunderstanding. A monument for the time lost. A symbol of the edges of a canyon. A metaphor for violent waters. Cutting a drift through sand and sink. The sigh of resignation. And the unrest of guilt. Mount up like the expanse of a landfill.

Muddy tracks lay rested. A campsite lies at ready. The air is crisp yet stagnant. Ominous hands swinging branches. All movement is manipulated. Calculating the plot of a course. Dry winds extinguish a spark of forward motion. Putting it into its place.

A continuum of unions fully formed. In a nexus of understanding or a pattern. Gestures of seamless layers. Paths marked with unbroken bonds. To set out in isolation. To wash hands in which to welcome. Is to resolve to reveal the space. That is enclosed within a spiral.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Hidden Partner, the end

Inspired by the topical and earnest lyrics of crossover thrash, metal and hardcore punk music, I began to write song lyrics at about the age of 14. Armed with my lyrics, and hampered by a lack of support to play an instrument, I assumed the role of singer in the bands I would join and form in my high school years and beyond.

When I was 18 and 19, or in 1992 and 1993, increasing complexity of my life circumstances, along with experimentation with new music, inspired me to write within myself to create more personal and original words. I also began to try to incorporate basic elements of poetry into my lyrics. As the years progressed I found my rhythm and the writing became less of an exercise and more of an experience. Things just happened and I would often take stock of what it was and what it meant later on.

I took a hiatus in late 1995, but came back in 1997 when the opportunity arose to play music again. Using the same inspiration, I wrote with a little more clarity and insight, often more methodically and straight forward, but sometimes still riding that divine inspiration that would spontaneously occur. This period ended in 2002, and I entered into a dormancy period where I thought I was finished writing.

In 2007, in the throes of adult responsibility, I was inspired to play music again and joined some old friends in a seriously heavy noisy band. The lyrics took a darker and deliberate tone that expressed a loss of idealism about the world at large. Shortly thereafter, I started this blog as an outlet for a creative period of deeply personal poetry that ended in 2013. I'm not sure if I'll write creatively again, so I wanted to punctuate this blog by cataloging what I consider to be my best stuff, or at least that which doesn't make me cringe to re-read.

In order to do that I went back and added a lot of old stuff. I've tagged everything for easy reference. There's a tag for year written. There's a tag for the band the lyrics appeared with. The later stuff that was never used in music is tagged "No Music." There's also a tag for any album the lyric might have appeared on. Also, almost all of the lyrics I've added to this blog over the last month or so were re-written from memory.

Finally, I'd like to acknowledge and thank the musicians I worked with over the years that helped inspire me to be as creative as I could possibly be. A short note about each of the bands I was in- Venosity was a great start for me but there's nothing I could use here. There are a few Bloodspoon lyrics, that's where I started to catch my stride. Car vs Driver, pretty much everything I wrote is included (any omissions were probably Jon's or Steve's lyrics). All of Chocolate Kiss lyrics are here, and most of Sonn Av Krusher.

So anyway, thanks for reading.


Angel Dust 500

Spirit behind the wheel. Left turn designed to kill.

Walk out the glass. Stumbled last good goodbye. Fumble for the keys. Headlights race toward. Division of the sphere. Dead on target.

Spirit behind the wheel. Left turn designed to kill. Intoxicated orgy. And death is on your breath.

Walk out the glass. Stumbled last outside. Mirror of the fumes. Headlights race toward. Division of the space. Dead on target.

Headlights pierce the darkness. Lines on the road cut through you. One moment blurs the next. Watch the path out of body.

Driven this way before. But the road ends now. All your roads end now.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Widower

The widower rides from Hell. Backs of unholy maelstrom. Lain shrapnel death machine. Kill glory from innocents.

Manic stares down a barrel. Eyes pierced on fire tread. Inferno shaping blades. Wears remnants of the dead.

This mortal trophy blackened by sun.

Speed through shifting skin. Holding unholy message. Give the devil his due. Cash bounty in their blood.

This mortal trophy blackened by sun.

Ritual encampment. Fuel-fed carnal detachment. Mirror of depravity. Full speed acceleration.